Wedding Private Dance Lessons

Wedding Private Dance Lessons

When they announce at your wedding…

“The bride and groom will begin their lives together with their first dance”, What will you do?

We work with many wedding couples every year. We will not only prepare you for your first dance, but can also help you learn a variety of dances which your DJ or Band will play.  If you have a song picked out, we will teach you to dance to your song. If you are not sure of a good song to use, our experienced staff can help you find one. When you learn to dance, you will make every anniversary more romantic and each special occasion more memorable.

If you take advantage of our PRIVATE LESSON PROGRAM for Wedding Couples, you will step out to the middle of the dance floor looking and feeling CONFIDENT.

Don’t leave this most important part of your wedding to chance. It is a wonderful way to begin your new life.

  1. Our affordable 4 Lesson Package is ONLY $99.00.  
  2. Schedule Private Lessons at your convenience 
  3. Call us to schedule your lesson or for more info at 913-219-0500.
  4. Various Qualified Instructors Available.