How To Take a Class


Learning HOW to take a dance class is just as important as the class itself. Strive to get the most for your money by using every dance class as an opportunity to improve your dance skills and techniques. The following is a list of things for you to consider in preparation to take a class.

REGISTER ONLINE: Registering online will give you the time needed to warm up before the class. You will also stand out as a more proactive student in the class and this is always noticed by the dance studio. Instead of using the to time register in the beginning of class, you can now use the time to warm up, stretch, Meet new people and get to know the staff. So, register on line and get a head start in class by dancing your warm up song with an instructor and/or assistant instructor.

EARLY ARRIVAL:  Viva Social Dance Studio, 5722 Nieman, Shawnee, KS 66203 .. Plan to arrive to class 10 to 15 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time to prepare and warm up. Most dance teachers appreciate students who are on time and ready to work. Get into the habit of arriving about fifteen minutes early. At Viva Social Dance Studio, the doors to the studio are opened 30 minutes before class. Teachers are always there prior to class getting the facility ready and themselves ready to mentally to instruct. If you happen to arrive late, try to enter the studio quietly to avoid disrupting the rest of the class.

SMALL MEAL IS BETTER: Don’t eat a heavy meal right before you go to class. Dancing on a full stomach is never a smart idea. Have a small snack before class instead. Good choices for pre-class snacks include fresh fruit, yogurt, nuts or dried fruit.

COMFORTABLE CLOTHING: Go to class in comfortable clothing for your first month. As you become more comfortable and decide to take more classes, ask your teacher what is the best dance attire to wear.

HAIR ISSUES: Take the time to secure your hair, preferably up and out of your eyes and face. If your hair is too short to be pulled up into a bun, try a tight ponytail instead. Make sure to secure bangs away from your face.

GOOD HYGIENE: Good hygiene is important in a social environment where you will meet other people. Consider having a small bag with personal items that you might need such as mouthwash, toothbrush, deodorant and maybe some wet wipes.

CLEAR YOUR MIND: Before you enter the room, clear your mind of any outside issues or concerns. Many people find dancing to be a stress-reliever…use your class time to relax and clear your mind. Instead of focusing on your worries, concentrate on your dancing.

CLAIM YOUR SPACE: When you enter the studio, find a spot to stand with plenty of room to move and stretch out freely. Many dancers arrive early to claim the best spots, usually in the front row. Wherever you choose to stand, make sure you can see and hear your instructors.

ASK QUESTIONS: If you are needing extra review or explanation on a pattern, raise your hand and ask for a re-explanation or some assistance. There is no shame in not knowing. Teachers like it when students ask questions because it shows that they are engaged in the class. So, ask questions.

BE SENSITIVE TO INJURIES: If you have an injury, don’t overdo it. A sore muscle is vulnerable to further injury. Realize that your injury will not last forever, but forcing it will probably prolong your recovery time. Always listen to your body…if you feel like you probably shouldn’t attempt that double spin – don’t. Give yourself a much-needed break.

PROGRESSION NOT PERFECTION: Everyone learns to dance at different speeds. Don’t compare yourself to others in your class. Some people just seem to catch on faster than others. Do your best, smile and have fun!

MEET NEW PEOPLE: Always introduce yourself to a new dance partner (I am Lisa, What’s your name? … Nice to meet you!). It is polite and good dance etiquette. You might find that introducing yourself to others will also make you more comfortable dancing with different people and taking a class among folks you do not know. Often time, beginners will have name tags, introduce yourself to those with name tags. They will appreciate you!

LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN:  WHEN THE INSTRUCTOR IS INSTRUCTING, LISTEN.  This is the time to connect with the instructor not the other students.  Interacting with other students when instructor is teaching can be disruptive to other students.

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